Watch Anders Wijkman Rough Cut

Watch Anders Wijkman Rough Cut

Anders Wijkman Rough Cut

Super Swedish Bonus Package • 30m

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  • The Gennvis Rough Cut

    Matilda works with sustainability at Ericsson, serves on a UNFCCC panel and tells just about the best story of allemansrätten with an American twist. Göran founded the Nature Academy, which brings people out into nature, a deep leadership experience.

  • Makes You Wonder... "Spot Reel Trailer"

    These short spots are part of the social media messaging of the project to help inform voters that acting on climate and a vibrant society and economy are not mutually exclusive!

  • En skör förmån

    A conversation Ingemar Ahlström, author and Sweden leading expert on allemansrätten.

    This film is part of the project – "Den kan vara allas" – that looks into the Swedish custom allemansrätten, the right of access to nature.