Makes You Wonder...

Makes You Wonder...

A documentary film by Eva and James Wine on Sweden's remarkable achievements in reducing carbon emissions for decades and now going fossil fuel free.

Climate change is an epic challenge. But with a mix of "climate altruism," innovative design, smart engineering and new economic opportunities, Sweden leads the world forward. From science to governance, business to nature, the Swedish story shows how their carbon emissions can be slashed while consistently growing and transforming their economy. What’s the Swedish secret? Makes you wonder... If Swedes can go fossil fuel free, why can't we?

The film is presented in 14 short episodes, averaging 12 minutes. Watch one or two at a time, or binge!

  • Special Bonus Package

    Along with "Makes You Wonder..." you will receive additional material with extended conversations from some of the people interviewed, extra footage, notes from the filmmakers. In addition to the short films on allemansrätten – the Swedish Right of Access to Nature – which are in English, with Cecilia & Lars Nordström, Lars Trägårdh, Bo Ekman and others. We also now include extended conversations on climate change, business, governance, technology and nature, with meteorologist Martin Hedberg, Nina Ekelund of the Haga Initiative, the chair of the Cross-Party Council on Environmental Objectives, Anders Wijkman, Matilda Gustafsson Gennvi who works with sustainability at Ericsson and serves on an UNFCCC panel and Göran Gennvi, founder of the Nature Academy.

  • Super Swedish Bonus Package

    This package is intended for people living in Sweden or Swedes living abroad. In addition to the film "Makes You Wonder..." and the bonus package of extended conversations from the film – now including Martin Hedberg, Nina Ekelund, Anders Wijkman, Matilda Gustafsson Gennvi and Göran Gennvi – this special package contains the collection of films from the project "Den kan vara allas" on the Swedish custom of allemansrätten. Most of these films are in Swedish. The project's title comes from the poetic masterpiece by Tomas Tranströmer, "Östersjöar". This package also includes the film, "Östersjöar–En dikt av Tomas Tranströmer, read by the poet, the Nobel Prize Laureate, an Official Section of the Nordic International Film Festival in New York 2015. All in all there will be 30 films, more than 5 hours, all in short doc format (5-20 minute format) for convenient online viewing or download – plus the 32 minute Östersjöar.

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This film project is designed to offer another perspective to the climate change debate – or lack thereof – in this critical election year. There is a persistent argument that plagues the conversation: acting boldly on climate would likely lead to economic ruin. But the case of Sweden says otherwise. A thriving economy that’s going fossil fuel free. So it makes you wonder, if Sweden can do it… For more information on the film project and filmmakers, visit us on the web at Thank you for your support. Enjoy the film. Eva & Jim Wine